Personalized Training Classes

Our personalized training classes give you the one-on-one attention that you need to feel comfortable and to meet your fitness goals. Feel inspired from the moment that you walk in the door, enter a personalized training class, and leave for the day.

Nutritionist and Motivational Coaches

On staff nutritionists and motivational coaches will help you to meet your fitness goals in a healthy manner. They will also help you to maintain your new levels of fitness long after you leave the gym and head home for the day.

Group Classes

Our group classes are focused on using team work to inspire personal growth. The group classes will help you to kick your fitness goals up a notch.

Family Sessions

Our family sessions are designed to help you workout with your entire family. Inspiring a healthy lifestyle can start when you are young. With this in mind, we create a fun workout environment that gets the whole family motivated and living a healthy, fitness-inspired lifestyle.

Spring Fitness Boot Camp

Get Ready for Bikini Season

Learn Long-lasting Fitness Tactics

Improve Your Body and Mental Health

Become Inspired to Make Fitness a Part of Your Every Day Life

The Spring Fitness Boot Camp is perfect for everyone. Whether you are already focused on a fitness-inspired lifestyle or just starting on the journey to a healthy physique, this boot camp will put you on the right track to meet and maintain all of your upcoming fitness goals.

Our team is a dedicated group of fitness professionals.


Chrisy Clark

Founder & Trainer


Steven James


We believe that fitness is part of a lifestyle. With this in mind, our entire team presents you with a comprehensive environment and the mentality needed to meet all of your fitness goals. We want you to feel comfortable, happy, and excited to come to our fitness center. Whether you have been to countless gyms or are just starting out on a fitness journey, we are hear to deliver customized fitness programs that will keep you smiling and returning each week.